Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Victor !

Michelle and Mike are very special clients.  We were with them (photographically) through their engagement, wedding and birth of Victor.  Big brother Joe is doing a great job teaching Victor how to play video games.  It is now another milestone in this beautiful families life..Victor's 1st Birthday !

Besides playing video games...Joe is teaching Victor to text!
 They had a family celebration and everyone got some cake!!
Love capturing your memories forever!

Happy 1st Birthday Cole

I can't believe that Cole is one....we have pictures here in the studio of when he was first born.  He is such a dear and such a happy little guy. 
He is so cute as a "little business man"!
 I love photographing Cole......
 We even had an opportunity to sneak in an Easter pose!

Their love kept them warm!!!

Alyssa and Sean are being married in early May and decided to do their engagement portraits in between weather fronts.  It was 40 degrees but their love kept them warm!
Alyssa and Sean are a beautiful couple inside and out and we are so excited to be photographing their wedding!
Besides being "drop dead gorgeous" they love to have fun and know how to work the camera at every angle.  Their wedding is going to be a blast!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ready for the Easter Parade!

The Toner children came in for their Easter Portraits today.  I spent alot of time wondering what I was going to do this year for Easter portraits.  I started to purchase ducks, chicks and bunnies but then remembered how they peck and bite and how traumatized children are when this happens.  I would not want this for any of my clients so I decided to have lots of fun things that children can love and hold. 
I have various props to be able to photograph everyone in various scenes
And living at the definitely want your children photographed on the beach in their "Easter Finest"!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Magnificent Moon

Gregg and I spent the last three evenings photographing the largest moon in 18 years.  We went to numerous spots and came up with this image!

Then we both got 2 different and unusual photos that need some explanation...there appears to be 2 moons in the photograph.  However as you can see the moon moves high into the sky where this moon or planet stays hovering over the buildings.  Any ideas what it is??

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Newborn Makayla

Tara and Matt brought their newborn daughter Makayla in for her first photo shoot.  She is so beautiful and they are so blessed having this precious princess.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy 29th?? Birthday Steve!

Happy Birthday Steve and Congratulations on being on the wall of "The Palm"!


Pretty Faces

Here are the newest upcoming "Pretty Faces" of South Jersey.  Look for them in advertising etc and remember that they are from South Jersey!

Gianna's 2nd Birthday

Gianna came to our studio to celebrate her 2nd birthday.  Gianna is beautiful with her red hair and blue eyes.  I am sure you will agree that she is a "knockout"!
Happy Birthday Gianna!!